Q. What bed type is it?
The single bedroom has American Standard Double Beds, whereas the Royal Suites has King Size and Double/Queen Size Bedding.

Q. What is included in the cost?

a. Fully furnished?
It is fully furnished.
b. Cooking utensils? Microwave?
The basic apartment do not have any utensils, however all the other apartments has microwave and some utensils.
For all the single bedroom studio you will have to pay for gas bottles whenever you need a new one, whereas the Royal Suites are provided free gas.
You will be liable for electricity bills used in your apartment.
d. Water
Tap water is free, and you get hot water only in shower. If you need bottled water, it can be provided at a cost for 5 gal bottle.
e. Internet
All our apartments are networked with broadband internet package. The single bedroom has one connection and two bedrooms have two connection one in the living and other other in one of the bedroom.

Q. Is the neighborhood safe?
Yes, the neighborhood is very safe and quiet, and also we provide 24 hour security service for our complex.

Q. Where exactly is Cool Runnings located?
We are located in True Blue where SGU is located. We are next door to Spice Island Marina. You will have to pass our complex to get to SGU if you come from Airport/Shopping/Grand Anse area.

Q. How do we get to St. Georges University? How long does it take? Is there a direct bus?
You can go by walk, by SGU bus or you can drive yourself if you own a vehicle. It will take you 10 - 15 minutes brisk walk to SGU campus from our complex or 5 minutes drive. And every few minutes you have SGU bus passing on the main road which is a one - two minute walk from our complex. (Timing of Bus: Check the Bus Schedule SGU will handover to you)

Q. Is the bus stop in walking distance? How long does it take to walk there?
Yes, it is in walking distance, it will take you a minute or two to walk to bus stop.

Q. Is the school in walking distance?
Yes, if you love walking, then you can reach to school in 15 minutes by brisk walk.

Q. How close is it to the beach?
Grand Anse Beach is 5 minutes drive or 15 - 20 minutes brisk walk.

Q. Are there laundry facilities in the building/apt?
Yes, we have a separate laundry facility with two washing machine and two dryer and it is free.

Q. Are the apartments air conditioned?
All our apartments are air-conditioned, and you will be liable for your electricity usage in the apartment, each apartment have their own electricity meters and you will pay for what you use whilst your stay.

Q. What ammenities does the one bedroom have (ie kitchen, private bath, laundry?)
Our Single Bedroom/Studio apartment is self-contained with kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bedroom.

Q. Is there a pool?
No we do not have a pool.

Q. Do you have any photos you can send?
Please visit us online at

Q. Cost per month
Contact the management

Q. When available/length of lease
Lease is for 1 term or 1 year, however you want it. Normally we do a one term lease, and as tenant you have the option to renew at a later date if you like staying at Cool Runnings. The lease runs from January - May/June and then from June/July - December.

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